Prosecco Terrae d’Argilla is born from many stories: love, magic, life and passion for wine and for own homeland. Growing grapes is an art from ancient origins in Veneto, and in particular in Treviso, has crossed the centuries and gave life to a unique cultural and business heritage. The passion for wine has become a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation, an ancient craft that has made the Marca Trevigiana known and appreciated all over the world. Tradition, innovation, high technology and secular experience are directed to transform the most precious grapes into healthy and high quality natural wine. The Tognana family, far from the origin devoted to the cultivation of his land in the heart of bucolic site of St. Antonino, discover how to enhance the clays of the area and started the production of roof tiles which was exclusively dedicated for years. The new generations, enhancing the roots of the past, thanks to the skills handed down from ancestors, transfer the know-how acquired in the selection of the clays for the furnaces to the agricultural development of those same lands from where the Prosecco Terrae d’Argilla D.O.C. Treviso is born. he furnace Tognana is proud to see their own products, not only in the Italian roofs, but also in 65 countries around the world, in which dedication will try to bring new fruits of the same Terrae d’Argilla.




The Best Grapes are de-stemmed and Let it rest for 5 to 10 ore at a controlled temperature of 10-12 °C (cold maceration process); through a process this, the must enhances substance transferred from the skins That increase and enhance the fragrance and flavor.


The production area is that of the DOC Treviso, in a rolling countryside just a short walk from the historic center of Treviso, in the heart of the Fabulous Treviso. The vine is Glera 100%. The rows are oriented north-south, cultivated plains to sylvoz, an ideal breeding ground for the conformation of which ensures fruits with aromatic sensations, acidity and flavor, distinctive features of the Terrae d'argilla Prosecco DOC Brut.


The primary fermentation also takes place at a controlled temperature with the aid of selected yeasts, while the froth, second fermentation, is carried out in autoclaves at a low temperature. Through this process, ensure the pleasant and persistent feelings of flowers and freshly picked fruit, typical of glera Treviso. The process of sparkling wine is the Martinotti method.


The cultivation of the vineyards occurs in a soil composed of clay of medium texture with a predominance of non-homogeneous layers of alluvial clay, rich in carbonates.


The harvest is done by hand in the first half of September selecting only the best grapes.


Bottle special format "Monterossa" 75 cl. Cases of 6 bottles.

Prosecco Doc BRUT

The color is straw yellow with greenish reflections, the sparkle is incredibly fine and delicate, even the foam takes up the same delicacy with some slight sour notes. The bouquet is rich and full, the floral aromas of acacia and jasmine prevail definitely to the sense of smell the same scent are taken to the taste. In the mouth the taste is soft, velvety, harmonious and sapid balanced.

Sublime for elegant and memorable dinners. Extraordinary if matched with seafood, great with raw prawns, swordfish carpaccio or simply steamed white fish. It nicely combines with seafood pasta dishes, risotto and seafood. Combines very well with white meat and the baked vegetables. It is excellent with pasta dishes based on fish and shellfish.


Prosecco Doc EXTRA DRY

The color is straw yellow with greenish highlights, the perlage is lively and persistent, the foam is abundant and evanescent, good structure. The bouquet is completed with hints of golden apple. The smell is fragrant and fruity, with fresh notes of white peach and jasmine, gently reminds the floral scents with sweet nouance of acacia flowers. The taste is delicately lovable with some hints of exotic fruits that culminate in a very sapid aftertaste.

Sparkling wine great for cocktails, appetizers and snacks, perfect with fried fish, tempura pumpkin flowers and with finger food in general. Recommended for intense and strong flavor cheese tasting, served with spicy mustards, chutneys sauces and honey. Superb if combined with non-creamy cakes and pastries. Ideally combined with Pandoro and panettone.



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